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A New One Here

Hey everyone, I'm brand spankin' new here. Briehton/16/Canada
2.old-school mcmahon hair or emosational new-school hair? Oh that is so tough, I love the old school but I'm going to have to go wit his up to date emosational look. Although right now he is sporting it rather short.. but it's cute.
3.have you ever made your own something corporate related article of clothing? if so what? Well not exactley, I put some iron patches on things like my purse if that counts.
4.favorite single lyric from a soco song: "Shake down/You make me break/ For goodness sake I'm standing on the edge with you/ Shout out don't drown the sound/ I'll drown you out/ You'll never scream so loud/ As I wanna scream with you".. ok yeh a little long but I love that song.
5.if you were stuck on an island with a cd player a 5 song soco mix cd what would you have on it?
-Break Myself
-Ben Franklin's Kite
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