Lauran (theywerelike) wrote in chillcoresoco,

I'm new
2.old-school mcmahon hair or emosational new-school hair?Emosational hair even though he cut and dyed it since then.
3.have you ever made your own something corporate related article of clothing? if so what?Yeah, 2 shirts, the both suck. 1 had Babies of the 80's lyrics on the back and a bow on the front, and the other one had a butterfly and the moon on the front and said "I am a butterfly but you wouldn't let me die, it's me and the moon she said" on the back. They were both black.
4.favorite single lyric from a soco song: "Here in wonderland this guilt feels so familiar and I'm home" it changes weekly though
5.if you were stuck on an island with a cd player a 5 song soco mix cd what would you have on it?Watch the sky, I want to save you, break myself, 21 and invincible, and hurricane
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